Application Outline

Elonics was tasked to supply and install a control system for a Bulk Chemical Batching Process.

We used the LSIS XP-90 HMI as the main operator interface for creating batch recipes and  monitoring/controlling the process, we linked the main scale and small parts loadcell system via RS485 to the XEC PLC to control the dispensed weight, once the batch is complete a report is created in LSIS InfoU and printed for the operator.

System Structure

Application Products LSIS Used

  • HMI : XP90TTA/DC
  • PLC : XEC-DR64H
  • InfoU SCADA

Application Benefits

  • Create Larger Chemical Batches
  • Locally supported products used – LSIS
  • More precise weighing/Dispensing

System Requirements

  • Batch Recipe Storage and Reporting
  • Automatic control
  • Precise Weighing
  • Reduce Operator Error
  • Reliable Solution

Key Functions

  • HMI Recipe Function
  • InfoU SCADA – Batch Reporting
  • Direct Serial Communication with Weighing Scale
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