Application Outline

Elonics was tasked to supply and retrofit/upgrade an existing  MKS Servo System on a Rotary Corrugated Board Cut-to-Length Machine

We used the positioning function on the LSIS  PLC to drive the Servo via pulse train, synchronizing the speed and position of the knife at the point of cut to the  machine line speed.

System Structure


Application Products LSIS Used

  • HMI : XP30BTA/DC
  • PLC : XEC-H
  • Drive : IV5  Clossed Loop VSD (Feed Motor – Angular Sync Slave Control)
  • Servo : LS Mecapion (Rotary Cutting Head)

Application Benefits

  • Presice Angular Sync Speed and Position Control (Product Feed)
  • Locally supported products used – LSIS
  • Precise cut length (with-in 1 mm cut accuracy)

System Requirements

  • Operator control and monitoring using LSIS HMI
  • Presice Cut Length
  • Reliable Solution

Key Functions

  • IV5 Drive Precise – Angular Speed and Position Control (Feed Motor)
  • Servo – Automatic Registration Adjustment – Rotary Cutting Head
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