Elonics supply Moxa’s Industrial cellular solutions designed for WWAN (Wireless Wide Area Network) communications with serial and Ethernet devices over cellular networks. With the rise in demand for broader bandwidth to stream live videos over cellular, Moxa’s industrial cellular Wireless WAN (WWAN) solutions have now expanded to the HSPA realm. With the widened bandwidth, Moxa’s HSPA/LTE enabled cellular devices can now allow for live streaming of video feeds anywhere at any time. Moxa’s industrial cellular solutions includes industrial routers, industrial gateways, industrial modems and software.


Cellular Routers

Industrial applications involving mobile communications, such as moving vehicles, industrial M2M, and geographically dispersed monitoring sites, face a common challenge. Communications links must be reliable and failsafe under dynamic and radio-hostile environments. To overcome this hurdle, the WDR-3124A industrial 802.11n/HSPA wireless router comes equipped with multiple radio interfaces to enable reliable mobile data access anytime, anywhere.


Cellular IP Gateways

The OnCell cellular IP gateways that can conveniently and transparently connect your existing Ethernet and serial devices to a cellular network. With the integrated GuaranLink feature, you can be confident that your device will always stay connected or recovered from any unexpected interference. With Moxaís industrial design, higher EMS level are tested to ensure the highest reliability for any harsh environment.


Cellular Modems

In industrial networking applications, cellular modems must use an intermediary device with dial-up capability, such as an IPC, embedded computer, PLC, etc., in order for cellular modem to connect serial devices to a cellular network. Moxa’s industrial GSM/GPRS cellular modem is used to enable communication with serial devices over a cellular network.

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