Elonics supply Moxa’s industrial IEEE 802.11 wireless AP/Bridge/Client products AWK series for Wireless LAN (WLAN) are ruggedly designed to resist the various effects of harsh industrial environments, such as high electromagnetic immunity to repel electromagnetic disturbances, galvanic isolation to guard against voltage instability, wide- temperature operation, metal housing with IP-68 protection against dust and water, and shock/vibration resistance.


Single Radio Wireless AP Bridge Client

Moxa’s Industrial-grade wireless AP/bridge/client products are a fundamental component of the modern industrial wireless infrastructure. Moxa’s extensive collection of industrial-grade wireless 3-in-1 AP/bridge/client products combine a rugged casing with the 802.11 standards. Such a powerful combination of benefits gives you the advantage of a secure and reliable wireless network connection that wonít fail, even when faced with water, dust, and vibration.


Dual Radio Wireless AP Bridge Client

To maintain the availability and reliability of the wireless networks in mission critical applications, Moxa’s next generation dual-radio Wireless AP/Bridge/Client, the dual-RF modules come with dual-band operations to allow the simultaneous use of two distinct channels to prevent transmission interference and to provide redundant roaming to ensure continued connection within the entire wireless network.


Rail Wireless LAN

Moxa’s field-proven Wireless LAN (WLAN) connections enable operators to manage carriage-to-carriage and train-to-ground communications with increased efficiency and create attractive onboard multimedia services that give passengers safe and environmentally friendly transportation.

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