Application Outline

Elonics was tasked to supply a control system for a 6 Head Printing Machine to precisely control the unwind/rewind tension, 6 servo driven printing stations and infrared dying elements.

System Structure

Application Products LSIS Used

  • HMI : XP70TTE/DC
  • Drive : IV5  Clossed Loop VSD (Un-wind/Re-wind), 6x IG5A VSD (Drying/Heating Stations)
  • Servo : 8x LS Mecapion (Speed/Position)

Application Benefits

  • Temperature Control of Heaters (Using IG5A VSD’s)
  • Locally supported products used – LSIS
  • Precise Tension Control

System Requirements

  • Operator control and monitoring using LSIS HMI
  • Angular position Control/Auto Registration Adjustment
  • Reliable Solution

Key Functions

  • IV5 Drive Precise Torque Control (Un-wind/Re-Wind)
  • IG5A – Precise Temperature control using the built-in PID
  • Servo – Automatic Registration Adjustment – Print Stations
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