Moxa’s Remote I/O product series provides reliable I/O to industrial protocol gateway. The Remote I/O products series are design to withstand wide operating temperature and work reliably in harsh environments. All Moxa’s Remote I/O series product are easy to configurate, make mass deployment simple.

Moxa’s Remote I/O series include Ethernet I/O, RS-485 I/O and Modular I/O product lines.


Ethernet IO product series

Our Moxa’s Ethernet I/O product series supports simple, daisy-chain wiring, dynamic Modbus addressing for simple integration, and a handy utility for easy mass deployment. With a wide operating temperature design, the Ethernet I/O products work reliably in harsh environments, such as are found at solar power plants. Robust models are available for specific industries, including oil & gas, railway, wind power, and marine. Get the most reliable and diversified I/O modules for connecting different types of sensors for Industrial IoT applications.


RS-485 IO

Moxa’s RS-485 I/O product series is designed for converting data between I/O points and RS-485 serial interface through Modbus/RTU protocol. The RS-485 I/O ioLogik R1200 series have built in repeater to break the limitation of connected nodes from 32 to 99 nodes. The RS-485 I/O ioLogik R1200 series also offers an USB port for easily updating configuration and firmware with less deployment effort. The RS-485 I/O product series is an ideal solution for connecting I/O points and Modbus master for industrial IoT applications.


Modular IO

Moxaís Modular I/O product series allows you to connect almost any number and type of I/O devices for extreme flexibility and room for future expansion. These Modular I/O product are an ideal solution for converting a large amount of data between I/O points and Ethernet or serial interfaces through standard industrial protocols, such as Modbus/TCP or Modbus/RTU.

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