G100 Series – New General Drive

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G100 Series


Available Sizes: 3-Phase 400V: 0.4kW~7.5kW
Control Mode: V/F control, slip compensation and sensor-less vector
Frequency Setting Resolution: Digital command: 0.01Hz; analogue command: 0.06Hz (based on 60Hz)
Frequency Level: 1% of the peak output frequency
V/F Pattern: Linear, square-law torque reduction, user V/F
Overload Tolerance: Heavy-load rated current: 150% 1min; light-load rated current: 120% 1min
Torque Boost: Passive torque boost; auto torque boost


Improved Control Performance
DIN rail Mounting and Side-by-side Installation
RJ45 Port for peripheral connectivity
Various Field Communication Protocols Supported (2 Port Ethernet/IP (Modbus TCP), Profibus-DP and CANopen)
Quick Parameter Menu
Built-in EMC Filter
Improved Heat-resisting Property and Intensity of Enclosures

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