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XMC Motion Controller

High-speed program processing: 6.25ns (Basic command)
EtherCAT-based high speed cycle times: 0.5/1/2/4ms
Built-in Digital and Analog IO
SD card slot (SD card not included) – Saving and executing programs, Data Logging
Integration with a variety of EtherCAT devices – Servo Drive (Up to 32 axes), Remote I/O (Up to 32 I/Os), AC Drives, Robots and etc.
Various built-in functions – 8 digital inputs / 16 digital outputs, Analog inputs (2 ch) / Analog outputs (2 ch), Encoder inputs (2 ch), Ethernet
CAM control: Up to 32 CAM profiles (32,768 points / 32 CAM profiles)
Supports G-code
Robot control: Delta3, Delta3R, Linear Delta and etc.

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