V2 Series (230/400V)

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V2 Series (230/400V)

A compact and competitive soft starter designed for general applications. The V2 series of soft starters is equipped with advanced technology in both motor control and protection. Presented in a compact, easy to configure format, this range is ideal for general soft starter applications.
Available from 2.2 ~ 22kW (230V) and 4 ~ 37kW (400V)
Compact size for easy installation

Set up and commissioning through a simple potentiometer panel

  • Initial starting torque.
  • Acceleration time.
  • Deceleration time.
  • Overload and overload curve.
  • Underload and underload curve.
  • Current limit.
Full starter and motor diagnostics available via LED feedback
Coated boards to withstand harsh environments
Available with integrated bypass

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