M1000/M1000A Series

High Reliability & Performance / Compact / Energy Saving] LSIS medium voltage drive consists of compact integrated systems built on cutting-edge technologies, delivering optimum energy-saving solution featuring high efficiency and power factor. The system supports a user-friendly HMI (Human Machine Interface) that allows easy operation and displays desired information for our customer’s maximum convenience. LSIS medium voltage drive offers leading industrial drive solutions with proven reliability and economic viability. It also contributes to energy saving and environment protection in various industries including – mining, sugar, gas, water treatment, marine, power generation, and cement.

Voltage options – 3.3kV/4kV/6.6kV/10kV/11kV
Capacity options – 200kVA~12,500kVA
Control Modes – V/F, Sensor-less Vector, Sensored Vector (Coming soon)
IP Class – Standard IP21 (~IP42 Optional)
Standards – CE, UL(Pending)
Frequency – 50/60Hz

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