L7 Series

User-oriented XGT Servo systems complete your optimal solution. Your motion systems visualise the perfect solution though the LS comprehensive product ranges for the optimal drives and applications. Its high-performance vector, precision and speed control are user-friendly and cost effective.

Easy Gain Tuning with Automatic Inertia Estimating Function
Encoder with Bi-Directional High Speed Serial Communication
Easy Setting with Built-in Panel Operator
Regeneration Brake Resistor/Dynamic Brake Control Mode
Plug-in Type Power Connector
Option 400V (High Voltage) Servo model
Built-in DC Reactor
Safe“Off”Function with Detecting Control Power“Off”
High Resolution Serial type Encoder (~19Bit)
Absolute Encoder (Multi-turn) option
Notch Filter for Resonance Control
Providing Trapezoid & S-Curve type Accel/Decel Pattern
Option available with Built-in EtherCAT Interface

Pegasus Series – Integrated Servo System

Enhanced efficiency integrated servo system
Cost effective from installation by integrated system of motor, encoder cable and drive
Maximisation for useful space when installed at limited and small space
High effectiveness for application of multi axis because there is no limitation for space of installation
High speed, Real-time capability and Synchronisation mechanism
Improved EtherCAT communication speed
Real-time control through EtherCAT
Supporting CoE, EoE and FoE


Shaft type : Φ30mm ~ Φ78mm
Hollow shaft type : Φ30mm ~ Φ128mm
Various output type – Open Collector, Absolute, Totem Pole, Complemental or Push-Pull Output, Line Driver, Voltage Output
Resolution : 10P/R ~ 6,000P/R
Strong against noise with digital output
Various power input – 5~24VDC
High compatibility with various machines
Easy to apply

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