XGT series is new-concept, new-generation industrial solution based on Open Network, High-speed processing, Compact size, Easy-to-use programming. XGT Series offers various CPU, network & special option modules so that you can configure an optimum system for your process control application.


XGB is a micro PLC that offers maximum performance at minimum cost. With its high functionality, XGB supports from simple control system to complex task. Strengthening its communication functions, XGB offers user-oriented integrated control. Based on its strengths, XGB can be used in many application fields.


The XMC-E32A programmable motion controller realizes automation of manufacturing industries with a cost-effective yet easy and user friendly engineering solution. The XMC-E32A delivers high performance EtherCAT-based motion control functions along with a variety of embedded functions and high-tech capabilities specialized for numerical control and robots. In addition to LSIS PLC, HMI and servo products, the XMC-E32A will help you create an even better and optimal solution.

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