XGT Panel

Human machine interfaces (HMIs) are for monitoring and operating in the industrial automation sector, using graphics designed by users. XGT Panels developed with the Windows CE Platform provide user-oriented convenience, clear and realistic expressions, speedy data transmission and software familiar to users. LS Industrial Systems has applied an easy user interface, cutting-edge graphic technology, and other innovative technologies that includes fast, stable network functions to XGT InfoU, and HMI-based software program.


iXP Series

Screen size options: 8.4”, 10.4”, 12.1”, 15”
1GHz 32bit RISD Embedded CPU
16,777,216 TFT Colour LCD
128MB display data & 1MB back-up memory
Ethernet 1ch, RS-232C 1ch, RS-422/485 1ch
USB host 3ch & device 1ch
SD memory card interface

eXP Series

Screen size options: 4”, 7” 10”
65,536 TFT Colour LCD
64MB display memory
Ethernet 1ch (TTA Type), RS-232C 1ch, RS-422/485 1ch
USB host 1ch & device 1ch

InfoU SCADA Software

Runtime & Configuration Licences available – 75~ unlimited Tags
Visualization Software to collect and monitor the data made from the field easily
Automatic web conversion of the previous project through Wizard
Open structure with Extensibility and Compatibility
Engineering and real time operation by Project unit, Integrated data Management
Enhanced graphic engine to meet various requirements
Graphic library
Variety of graphic files supported
Layer function
Built-in Graphic script
Virtual keyboard ActiveX control
Efficient data management through Various collecting model and Automatic creation of statistic data

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